Sidelines Pro

A Pro style video-sharing tool for Android Devices

How it works

  1. Download Sidelines™ Pro using the Google Play™ store app to your Android phone or tablet

  2. Establish connectivity to android-enabled video source

  3. Begin using! - simple, easy-to-use menu and controls


Provides live sharing of video between multiple smart devices, providing coaching feedback

Give Your Athletes the Tools They Need

Sidelines™ Pro is designed to be a Pro-style sports team video system, to assist in real-time play calling, player instructional development, and organized scouting. The application allows video to be instantly transferred in one easy step between Android devices – phones, tablets, and cameras. Sidelines™ Pro provides real-time data and video images for coaches, players, or analysts so they can quickly generate corrective feedback for their players and teams.


Create play-by-play videos - use Sidelines™ Pro to capture valuable information about each play. Custom tag or edit the video with relevant game data, such as:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Squad
  • Quarter
  • Series
  • Play Type

Compress your turnaround times for video analysis.Quickly organize videos – sort by offense, defense, and kick (pass-run), for effective post-session analysis!

The Power of Visual Analysis. Enhance your in-game play calling, scouting efforts, and team/player development. Shoot each play from the stands, and instantly transfer that video to the bench. Or, capture video from an aerial drone platform and instantly transfer the video to the sidelines.

Collaborate and Share selected videos from your database with anyone in your crew using the Sidelines™ Pro App.

Draw on your videos. Toggle the whiteboard functionality and use your device as a whiteboard.

Playback video in full screen, ability to change video playback speed. Filter the list of plays to get to what you need faster and easier.

**With Subscription**

  • Send videos from one device to another one, or several!
  • Sent video includes all tagged information.
  • The application does not require a mobile plan, internet connection, or WiFi signal to properly operate.
  • Compatible with Android operating systems.


Sidelines™ Pro is now available on Google Play™ with a price of 199.00 for each annual subscription, which includes the licensee use of the app on 10 devices.

Contact us with your ideas and suggestions for improvements and enhancements to Sidelines. We want Sidelines to be the best possible tool to help coaches, teams and players!